Once you complete enrollment for Safe ID Lock identity theft protection, we immediately begin monitoring your identity within our network.
When someone steals or tampers with your personal information, it eventually winds up online. Even if they steal it by going through your trash... stealing your mail...or over the phone when you make a purchase, your personal information will make its way to the internet.
Safe ID Lock constantly "sweeps" through the internet and finds where your name, phone number, social security number, credit card and debit card numbers, or other personal information is being used with or without your authorization or knowledge.
Every time Safe ID Lock finds your personal information on the internet, it shows you exactly where the information appears... so you can decide if it should be there and if possible help you delete it.
Safe ID Lock scans over 700 Billion data elements from both public records and private networks for suspicious activity associated with your name... bank... address... and other personal information.